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Healing Tides Primary Care


Healing Tides Primary Care is a relationship-driven practice that focuses on disease prevention, health maintenance and management of long-term medical conditions. Everyone is welcome.


We have a thoughtful approach to health and well-being that is truly centered around you. We recognize that each person is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to achieving optimal health. That is why during our time together we try to identify what matters to you, your health goals and the obstacles that stop you from living your best life. Through practical guidance that is tailored specifically for your life alongside judicious use of medications, we can work together to achieve your health dream. We want you to celebrate goodness and success and not feel shamed for failures.


We value spending time with each person. We want you to have enough time to get all of your questions and concerns addressed before you walk out the office and have a clear plan of action to take with you that is in line with your health goals.

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